"I go through phases of painting for myself, family and friends. I find the process of

layering paint and seeing where it takes me very therapeutic."

"She backed a Winner" - 2016

This was going to be called "The Grey Mare" and is supposed to be a racehorse at Les Landes racecourse in Jersey. I gave it to my husband for father's day 2016 and changed the name accordingly.

"Telling Tails" - 2016

A picture of our friends' dog Ozzy, who was put out by the arrival of Drum; their new puppy.

"Closer to Heaven" - 2016

Painted for a friend's birthday after he had cycled around Scotland. He ironically said that at the time he felt closer to hell, (and perhaps closer to heaven after).

 "HMS Sickbay" - 2014

Painted for our son after he had been in hospital with a chest infection. 

"Rocco Tower" - 2007

A martello tower at St Ouen's bay in Jersey, where I grew up.

"L'Ombre" - 2014

This is my husband and I on the beach in Jersey with a nod to our joint affinity of sailing, the love of France and warm weather.

"Downpour" - 2010

The idea here is that seasons and time move on irrespective of what goes on in people's lives. (A bit profound, but I was experimenting with the infinity lines).​

"Upthink" - 2012

This was inspired by many new things in our lives after moving to Northumberland, (the nearby hamlet called Unthank,

and the joys of nappy changing included).

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